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Ally Jean: December 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 In Recap!!

2011 is only a few days away! And we’d like to take the opportunity to looks back on the great memories we made in 2010!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chicken Cheese and Spinach Manicotti

So Lincoln and I recently made the decision to welcome the new year with some weight loss. Both of us have really packed on the pounds since our freshmen years, leaving us feeling lethargic. Starting January 1st, Linc and I are starting a strict 1200 calorie a day intake, and 3 30-min. work outs at our complex's gym each week. 

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It's been a week full of pjs, Ramen, and flashcards!

We are hard at work studying to make the grade--we each have multiple finals at the end of the week and have spent the early part of our week studying 'till we're cross-eyed!

Lincoln in winning in the contest of "Most Finals Taken So Far" with 1--LING-L103, Intro to Linguistics. 

Tonight, Linc has been working hard studying for his two finals tomorrow: PSY-P101, Intro to Psychology, and CLAS-C102, Intro to Roman Culture. 

Lincoln studies diligently in front of the Christmas Tree, a beacon of hope in this terrible time of a Student's year. We are both looking forward to celebrating CHRISTMAS, not despising Finals!

Lincoln looks a little too happy to be studying for two finals at once... The pressure must be getting to him :)

Meanwhile, Ally has been studying diligently for her 100 question, 2-hour, Cumulative final for CLAS-C206, Classical Archeology and Art. 
Studying for such a task involves Ally locking herself in her bedroom like a Hermit, only to emerge when she's hungry or needs to pee. 

She has been going over approximately 378 different slides of different busts, pottery shards, or ruins. And she has the stack of notecards to prove it!!

Do you know who this guy is she's looking at? Does it matter?

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers these next few days. Please, LORD, help us to make the grade and keep our Parents out of our hair!

May the snow cancel our finals and may we never run out of Ramen! AMEN!

Lots of Love!


Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey all!

As of today, Lincoln and Ally are employed members of society--each of us landing a job with TIS Book Store!

This is something that each of us is excited about and we look forward to starting work!

Love and Blessings!


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With it being the season of Christmas and Final Exams our blog posts will be scarce for a while, but here's hoping that soon you can see all the things we love!